Dr. Rashel Black Mask Review

Hello guys!

I’m very choosy and particular about what I apply on my face. As I have very sensitive skin, anything that doesn’t suit my skin makes my skin red and itchy. And that is why, I use very mild products. Even when it comes to makeup, I make sure nothing is very harsh on my skin and I do not rub it too much to remove the makeup. Honestly, I hate removing makeup as it makes me all red and dry. But well, you have to do it.

I usually go for home remedies because I know what works best on my skin. Oils, scrubs, masks, all HOMEMADE. And believe me, they work way more efficiently than ready made products. I have really dry, flaky skin on and around my nose. I usually use the Nivea nose and forehead, chin strips to remove any white heads. But sadly, they are very limited and running out of them when you need them badly is the worst thing ever. Since I was already hunting for a peel-off mask to remove the whiteheads and dead skin, I came across the Dr. Rashel Black Mask. After reading and watching some good reviews, I finally ordered it and tried it. After using it a few times, I can now give my review on it.

The packaging is really nice as you can remove the product as per requirement. I applied the product only on my nose and chin as I have more product build up there and dry skin. So I left it for a good 15 minutes and peeled it off. Upon peeling you feel as if it removes all the deeply buried junk. When I finally had the peeled product in front me, I wasn’t very satisfied. It did an ok job in clearing my skin. It did make my skin a little smooth but not as per the expectations. It removed the dead skin and some white heads but I had really high hopes because of the Nivea strips. So I wouldn’t mind using the mask if I’m running out of the strips or if I feel my skin doesn’t need a lot of clean up.

Are there any products that you guys would recommend me? Have you tried this mask? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments below. 💖