I’m not gonna lie, for sure these products aren’t as good as the drugstore primers ( I definitely wouldn’t compare with the high end brands ) but these are a really good option when you run out of your primer or you’d like to save some money for a while and go for something cheaper. I recently found a drugstore primer which suits my skin, but before that I was loyal to these products. And they don’t just work as a base, they work as a moisturizer too.

Here goes the list :-


I know I know, it’s for men. But believe me ladies, this thing works wonders on your skin. It’s a very thin liquid and moisturizes amazingly. And not to forget, the smell is to die for. I love the aqua smell. I have very sensitive skin which reacts immediately to anything that doesn’t suit. But this balm was accepted happily. I have tried applying it on my eyebrows as well and the product lasts well. Just make sure to give it few minutes to be absorbed by your skin and you’re good to go. And it claims ‘NO BURNING’.


I started using this product during my pregnancy for stretch marks. It helped me a lot to control my stretch marks and moisturize my skin. I searched online other uses of boi oil and I found that it can be used as a makeup base. I applied makeup and it blended so smoothly. No streaks. And it doesn’t give that oily look on your face. Makeup lasts for a good 3-4 hours. I wouldn’t recommend using it near your eye area as my eyes burn a little with the smell. So please be careful.


The most inexpensive primer. What can vaseline not do? Vaseline is used in everything. It solves all your problems. And makeup is one of them. Applying a thin layer of Vaseline before using makeup gives you a smooth base to work on. It doesn’t clog the pores and can be used on the eye as well for eyeshadow. It works as an eyebrow gel and eyebrows stay put. Must have it all the time.

Do try these products and let me know if you like any of them in the comments below.

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