Remember those days when the best moisturiser for our lips was VASELINE? I don’t know about you all but I have only lived in that era. And I still live in it where for me, vaseline works the best. With the growing types of lip exfoliators and lip balms, its just so difficult to know what works best for our dry, chapped lips. And hell yeah I am one of them. Unfortunately I suffer from extremely dry lips. To be honest, I suck at moisturising my lips. It is right before applying my lipstick that I realise to put some lip balm which obviously doesn’t work. Then I struggle with the dry flaky skin. Upon thinking a lot, I thought of something rough and granular to remove that dead skin. And then I thought of the place where I will find it. Apparently, it was the kitchen. I have always used olive oil, sugar, honey and a dash of lemon as a face mask. It helps me get rid of my big pores and gives me a clear skin. It has been my quickest facial. So one day, I just thought that why can’t I let my lips benefit from it too? And it did wonders. Believe me, it will give you the softest lips ever. Here’s the way to do it –



Take one tea spoon of sugar (tablespoon if using for the face) and add olive oil, honey accordingly to make a paste. It shouldn’t be runny. Just add a dash of lemon as too much lemon will make your skin itchy. Do not wet your lips and lightly start massaging this mixture onto your lips. Go in circular motions and use a toothbrush if you want to. Keep the scrub on for 5-10 minutes and wash it off. And apply a lip balm or vaseline immediately to lock in the moisture.

Hope that helps guys! Have a rosy lippie day 😉

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