Garnier Micellar Water in Oil & Nivea Toner Review

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I think most of you must be aware of the varieties of Micellar Water by different brands. Now that mostly every brand has its own micellar water, it’s really difficult to decide which one is good and which isn’t. Micellar water by Garnier has always been my first preference so far. But I am not satisfied entirely. I always feel the need to get something more better. Garnier launched the new Micellar water in Oil. Being a dry-skin person, oil is my best friend. I also got a Nivea face cleanser with it to remove the residue on my face.

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The Toddler Diet : Flexible Feeding

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We just returned from Georgia three weeks back, and needless to say, our trip was fabulous. As soon as we landed in Kuwait, the weather was a burning 50+ degree celsius. From 25 to 50+ degrees. What a JUMP! We all adjusted (had to) well to the change but unfortunately my son couldn’t settle well. He was vomiting for a day and then he was hit by loose motions. He barely ate anything in those days and kept saying that his stomach aches.  Continue reading

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Review

I am a beauty blender lover. That little sponge is so cute in itself, how can anyone not fall in love with it? I have tried brushes for blending, but this tiny guy is unbeatable. Brushes leave streaks and it looks cakey as well (for me, at least).

For those of you who don’t know, the original beauty blender sponge is priced at $20. I got mine from for KD 3.5 may be four years back. But since it was my first time, and due to some mistakes, it had some fungus on it and I had to throw it. Continue reading

Max Factor Voxbox

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I have been really busy due to which I haven’t been regular with my blog. I have started my new job, and quite a couple of other things that are keeping me occupied. I’m really excited to let you guys know about the VoxBox I received from Influenster. Just a random message saying – your shipment from Aramex is out for delivery, which made me think it would be my normal shipments. And I arrive home and find these goodies which had my jaw dropped. I was stunned. I have never ever received any free goodies for testing purposes. I felt grateful.

NOTE – I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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Milani Make It Dewy Setting Spray Review

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I’m sorry for posting after so many days. I was caught with some other tasks which barely left any time for blogging. I had been wanting to review about this particular product since a very long time but somehow I always prolonged it. But today, finally I will post about it.

Recently, I have become such a makeup addict that I really want my makeup to last all day long. If not all day, a few hours at least. I wasn’t really sure how well makeup setting sprays would work but I stumbled upon this one from Milani which made me give it a try. I immediately purchased it as soon as it had just released.

CLAIMS – Makes makeup last up to 16 hours without creasing, smudging or fading. Hydrate, prime, SET.

RESULT – This spray gives a really radiant finish to my face. It dries and soaks into your skin immediately. My face looks dewy. It definitely makes my makeup last for up to 4-6 hours. I need to check beyond that though. Even spray with a nice smell. It costs $10 and KWD 7.00 in Kuwait.

RATING – 8.5/10

Handling A Stubborn Toddler

Soon after I got married, I would see few of my friends going nuts behind their child. Some would just give in to the child’s wish and some would just ignore. And I would just wonder and judge them. Think that they haven’t given the right manners to their children due to which they turned out to be stubborn in public. Then, some years later, I had a child too. And I had already prepared myself to not fulfill my child’s unnecessary tantrums or demands. And I did accomplish it to some extent.

But there were such days as well, when I had no option at all other than to bow down and fulfill my toddlers demands. It would be so difficult on my part but I had to do it just to get him quiet in public at times. That’s when I realized, that all toddlers or children can do this. Definitely upbringing does play a huge role in it, but sometimes children just don’t care. They want what they want.

If your stubborn toddler refuses to get into his stroller, or car seat, or high chair, he clearly has no interest in being fenced in (and what toddler does?). But like it or not, he’s going to have to buckle up sometimes — and it’s up to you to get him on board.

We’ve all seen it: A grim-faced, miserable parent trying to stuff a red-faced, howling toddler into a stroller. “Want to get out! Want to get down!” the little prisoner shrieks. Or we’ve seen the stubborn toddler who is wildly protesting his parent’s attempt to get him into a high chair at a restaurant: His back is arched, his arms are flailing, and his wail is loud as he puts forth a last-ditch attempt to remain free. Yes, we all know that five-point restraints do not sit well with wiggly toddlers, but there are certain situations where a lockdown is inevitable. What’s the best way to get your stubborn toddler to accept the unacceptable, or (failing that) to get him to acquiesce once you lay down the law? There are several approaches you could take :

Distract. Yes, distraction, the old standby — is still a good bet. Your aim here is to make your stubborn toddler forget (or simply not notice) that he’s being forced into restraints against his will. So if you’re about to get into the car, and you anticipate a car-seat battle, start something fascinating BEFORE you set off. For instance, play the first few bars of a favorite song on a favorite CD, and then whisk everything (toddler, CD, and all) into the car — where you immediately fire up the tunes again. You may still have a struggle to contend with — but it will be shorter than if you’d skipped the distraction altogether.

Offer toys or treats. Wise parents will reserve certain beloved toys, snacks, or even treats for those times their wiggly offspring simply MUST sit still. Just remember, the strategy: Dangle the bait first, then reel ’em in. If you wait till your stubborn toddler is already hysterical in the car seat, handing over a baggie filled with Goldfish will get you exactly nothing (except, maybe, those same goldfish flung at the back of your head). So, show your toddler the bait (his beloved juice box or Elmo) and lure him into the car (or stroller) with it. Or tell him he can have it when he’s buckled in — he may settle down in order to get it.

Invent a rule. Tell your toddler that the car won’t start (or the stroller won’t move) unless he’s buckled up. If you’re on your way to a playdate, the park, or someplace else your kid really wants to go, this just might work. Your stubborn toddler won’t sit back in the stroller? “Uh oh. The stroller won’t budge unless we lock this buckle!” Your tot puts up a fight getting into the car? “Uh oh. The car is broken. The only way we can fix it is if we all fasten our seat belts!” If your tot really wants to get moving, he’ll oblige. Keep in mind that this won’t always work, especially if you need to get somewhere fast, but it’s worth a shot.

Make Bob the Builder or Dora buckle up. If your tot has a favorite doll, like Bob the Builder, show him how Bob loves to get strapped into his car seat or high chair before your kid has a chance to protest. Strap Bob in as Bob (voiced by you) says, “Oh, I LOVE this car seat. I feel so safe and snug. This is the coziest place to be!” Your stubborn toddler just might fall for it and decide he wants to be strapped in like Bob, too.

Grab what’s available. Novelty works wonders when your child is unhappy, whether you’re in a stroller in a store, a grocery cart, or a high chair at a restaurant. So if your stubborn toddler won’t quiet down in his seat, hand him a magazine from the book or magazine aisle or from a rack near the cashier. It may engage him long enough for you to finish your errand. Or treat the grocery store like a snack bar if your kid won’t pipe down. Offer him something new (and tasty) to eat — it’s a lot harder to scream when chewing on some animal crackers. (The cashier will happily ring it up even if the box is half demolished.) What if you’re dealing with a tantrum in a restaurant from your high-chair bound tot? Pass him packets of sugar (to play with, not to eat!) or a mini bottle of ketchup — anything to occupy his hands and mind.

Grin and bear it. If all else fails, simply suffer through it. Yes, it’s horrible to drive with a screaming kid in the back of the car. But it happens to everyone sometimes, so try to roll with it. Put your window down, turn on some music, and try to ignore your noisy passenger. What about when you’re on a crowded airplane and your stubborn toddler’s howls of protest won’t quit, despite all of your tricky tactics? Consider it a venerable rite of parental passage, and know that for every scowling fellow traveler there are at least three sympathetic people who’ve been there before. Eventually the plane will land, or your kid will tire out, or the nice lady across the aisle will make a funny face that will somehow break the spell.

Toddler Food Strikes

Your former champion eater now turns his nose up at everything. Where did his appetite go?

I am going through this phase where my 18 months old doesn’t really want food. He is ready to eat snacks, but not a proper meal like lunch or dinner. I am trying to figure out what it could be, as it’s really frustrating for me when my child refuses to eat whatever he used to love earlier. I’m trying to give him what he wants (obviously junk food is his first preference) but I’m avoiding that the most.

What it is:

Your little one used to have a steady appetite. Now he refuses to eat much of anything, including his favorite foods.

Why it happens:

A drop in appetite is to be expected at this stage of development. Your child is experiencing a normal slowdown in growth from his baby year — and with it a need for fewer calories and food. In addition, a growing desire for control (recognize the theme?) and involvement in the world around him (who wants to take time out to eat when there are so many other exciting things to do?) also contribute to his erratic eating.

What you need to know:

Try not to worry. Your toddler’s refusal to eat is usually temporary. A young child’s interest in food will wax and wane — dipping during teething, spiking during growth spurts, dropping during bouts of contrariness, and so on. But over a period of several days or weeks, most toddlers consume the necessary nutrients needed to thrive. As long as your child continues to gain weight and inches and remains healthy (aside from the usual colds) — and as long as his weekly total intake seems sufficient (don’t look at each day in a vacuum) — there’s little reason for concern. (Welcome to the toddler years!) When should you worry? Consult your child’s doctor if you notice any unusual weakness, lethargy, fatigue, fever, prolonged irritability, or weight loss.

What to do about it:

• Don’t take it personally. Just because your child rejects the food in front of her doesn’t mean she’s rejecting you. It’s also not a reflection of your parenting skills.

• Avoid pressuring your child. Research has shown that children who are pushed or coerced into eating are more likely to develop food-related problems. Instead, let your toddler decide how much to eat and when to stop. This will teach self-regulating skills when it comes to food. When your child is finished eating, let him leave the table.

• Provide healthy choices. While you can’t — and shouldn’t — make your child eat, you can make sure that what’s on her plate is nutritious and nourishing.

• Keep it small. Start with undersized portions and offer seconds if he wants more. A mountain of food can be overwhelming (“You want me to eat all that?!”) and he might just reject it all if it feels like it’s too much to tackle.

• Reconsider your child’s seating arrangement. Is your toddler trying to tell you he’s outgrown his high chair? He may be more willing to sit down for a full meal if he doesn’t feel confined. (Most toddlers are ready for booster seats when they understand directions and regularly follow them.)

• Make mealtimes a pleasant, low-key experience — free of distractions (like the TV or siblings playing nearby).

• Talk to your pediatrician about giving your child a daily vitamin-mineral supplement made for toddlers.


Milani Conceal + Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation + Concealer Review

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I am sorry for not posting lately, had been a little caught with something. My son hasn’t been keeping well due to the changing weather in Kuwait. And I’m absolutely occupied behind him. I have so many tasks pending. But now that he’s getting better, I’m getting my routine back on track.

I had been waiting for so long to post about the MILANI conceal + perfect 2 in 1 foundation + concealer. I have been badly searching for a new foundation because I’m kind of bored with my Maybelline FIT ME foundation. I was a bit confused as to which brand should I choose but I had this one since long on my mind because of the 2 in 1 formula. Here is my review on it.


Combat under eye circles, redness and other skin imperfections with this full coverage, water-resistant foundation plus concealer in one. A no mess, no drip pump dispenses just the right amount of fluid needed to achieve a flawless look and works around the clock to keep skin looking naturally perfect!


The bottle is a nice round shaped glass bottle with a pump that gives a good amount of foundation. One pump is enough to cover the whole face but for full coverage, you will need a second pump.


To be honest, when I pumped this foundation on my hand, I was shocked to see how thick it was. I had no clue how I would blend it on my face and how it will turn out to be. Once I started applying and blending it, it absolutely sank in my skin. It was smooth, easy to blend and did not feel heavy at all. Though the foundation claims to be full coverage, I found it medium may be because I applied one layer and it can be built up.

The finish was not matte, it was semi-matte with a dewy finish. I used it without primer and it lasted very well for 4-5 hours without any creasing. It surely would’ve gone longer. And about the concealer, there were days when I actually didn’t need to apply a concealer because this foundation did the job pretty well.


This foundation does a great job from daily wear foundation to a full coverage foundation as well. All you need to do is to build it up. It is super blend-able, creamy, light weight and medium to full coverage. It can last all day with a primer. I would give this foundation an 8.5/10.

Let me know if you guys try or have tried this foundation and how did you find it.

Toddler Resisting Toothbrush

If your toddler resists brushing his/her teeth, or he hates brushing his teeth, well all I can say is ‘welcome to the club’. My son didn’t get his teeth until he was 10 months old. And all of a sudden, 2 teeth pop out. I remember it was immediately after our Iraq trip, he had caught viral cold and cough and his body temperature was up to 40 degree celsius. There’s an old saying that babies who are teething tend to fall ill before their teeth pop out. To what extent it is true, I can’t assure but to be honest, my son fell ill whenever he was had his teeth popping out.

However, now that he is 18 months old, I make sure to brush his teeth twice in a day. But those two times, I have to play so many games and tricks to make him brush. I used to think that may be he has some kind of pain in his gums due to the teething that he hates anything touching it. And may be it’s true. But I read an article online saying that most toddlers hate brushing.

I’m gonna share some tricks with you to help you clean your child’s teeth. It’s very important to clean those pearly whites as a lot of junk can get stuck in just two teeth.


The reason why this happens might be because your child doesn’t like anyone taking control over his mouth. At this stage, your child decides when he wants to sleep, what he wants to eat or wear. Similarly, your child wants to decide if he wants to brush or not.


1. At your next visit with your pediatrician, ask the doctor to explain why brushing is so important. Let your toddler know it from an expert, so that next time when your toddler zips his mouth, remind him of what the ‘expert’ said.

2. Involve your child. Let him choose his favorite brush or toothpaste with his favorite cartoon character and that may excite him to brush his teeth.

3. Instead of trying to force your way into his mouth, let him hold the brush and let him brush his teeth. I know it’ll be quite messy but a little practice and praise goes a long way. You can even let your child brush your teeth and then you can do his.

4. Make brushing lot of fun by singing songs together and diverting his mind from brushing.

I hope these tips help and in case you have any ideas that you implement with your child, please share 🙂

Drugstore Makeup Products Review

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To be honest, I hardly have any high-end brand makeup. I’m more of a drugstore makeup person because in Kuwait (where I’m residing currently), makeup is really expensive. The price of drugstore products is THREE times of what it is in US or UK. Or may be even more at times. For eg : any foundation which is for $6 in US is for almost $18 in Kuwait. I definitely love to have a lot of makeup but I don’t find it worth spending on makeup. I believe that drugstore brand products happen to provide us with equally good results, just like high-end brand products. Everything has a dupe, isn’t it? And if it doesn’t have a dupe, then BUY IT. However, if that’s the scene with drugstore brands, I cannot even discuss the prices of high-end makeup products.

My favourite drugstore brands are Maybelline, NYX, Milani, Essence, Loreal, LA Girl, E.L.F and many more brands from which I like few products. These brands have almost all the products which any high-end brand has and they are efficient. If they are not same as high-end brands, a little bit difference is acceptable. For the price, they are fabulous. I recently shopped some makeup in the Black Friday sale which I didn’t require but I needed, haha! I kept myself pretty controlled during that time, as I had a long list of what I wanted. Hence, narrowed it down to just these few products. And let me tell you, these brands are the best drugstore brands. Here are the reviews :


Maybelline Facestudio Master Fix Setting + Perfecting Loose Powder, Translucent, 0.21 oz.“>1. MAYBELLINE MASTERFIX SETTING + LOOSE POWDER – Face baking has got so hyped up in the past few years. From a famous makeup artist to a beginner wants all their makeup set in place. I wanted to get a loose powder as I have a lot of creasing under my eyes after applying concealer. So I wanted a loose powder and I got my hands on this beauty. The packaging is so pretty and classy. This powder did a really good job to control the creasing. After around 4-5 hours a little creasing appeared but I guess it was not so noticeable. And it is pretty easy to blend with the makeup and gives a bright look. You can buy it Maybelline Facestudio Master Fix Setting + Perfecting Loose Powder, Translucent, 0.21 oz.“>here.

2. E.L.F. LIP EXFOLIATION IN BROWN SUGAR – The winter was just killing my lips and I badly needed a lip scrub. So I gave this one a try and it is really good. The exfoliation beads are very mild for the lips and not harsh. Although little bigger beads would have been fine. It leaves the lips really soft and moisturised and tastes good. Haha ! You guys should give it a try.

Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick, Touch of Spice, 0.15 oz.“>3. MAYBELLINE COLOR SENSATIONAL CREAMY MATTE LIPSTICK (TOUCH OF SPICE) – I love Maybelline products. And I heard a lot about these lipsticks and really wanted to get one. And I love the rosy pinks. So touch of spice seemed perfect to me. I yet have to try it out and see how it is. Buy it from Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick, Touch of Spice, 0.15 oz.“>here.

4. E.L.F BLUSH PALETTE (LIGHT) – I am not a blush kinda person. Somehow blush seems a little odd for me. I own only one blush and that is Milani Luminoso Blush. This one had some good reviews therefore, I thought to grab it. And well, it’s really nice. It has some amazing shades that can work with any skin tone. It is pigmented and can be applied as eyeshadow too.

Real Techniques Sculpting Brush 1 ea“>5. REAL TECHNIQUES SCULPTING BRUSH – I love the Real Techniques brushes. They are so soft. And I think the trick behind flawless makeup is brushes. I wanted a brush for contouring. This brush is pretty good for giving that defined sculpted look. Its soft, blends the well and leaves no lines. You can buy it Real Techniques Sculpting Brush 1 ea“>here.

EcoTools Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set, Made with Recycled and Sustainable Materials, Cruelty Free Synthetic Taklon Bristles, Aluminum Ferrule, Recycled Packaging“>6. ECO TOOLS ENHANCING EYE SET – If you don’t know yet, let me tell you again, I LOVE EYE MAKEUP AND EYE BRUSHES. These brushes were too cute to not buy. And EcoTools has amazing quality brushes. And these were no exception. They blended my eyeshadow like a dream. Flawless is the word! Buy these brushes EcoTools Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set, Made with Recycled and Sustainable Materials, Cruelty Free Synthetic Taklon Bristles, Aluminum Ferrule, Recycled Packaging“>here.

Do let me know if you try any of these products and how do you find them. Or if you like any product from these brands, please do suggest. Leave them in the comments below.